Bariatric Surgery and You

Many people mistakenly regard bariatric surgery as a kind of magic bullet for weight loss that will effortlessly solve all their problems. But while it is true that bariatric surgery is indeed a bold step towards living a healthier lifestyle, there is no magic involved. For the procedure to be successful, you’ll need to make significant lifestyle changes that are often anything but effortless.


Following bariatric surgery, your stomach will be too small to accommodate the kinds of portions you’re likely used to eating. This is key to how bariatric surgery helps put you on track towards a slimmer, healthier you. But forced to eat less, you may instead need to rely on vitamins and other supplements to ensure that you get your required nutrition every day.


So if you are considering or preparing to undergo bariatric surgery, it’s a good idea to begin modifying your habits sooner rather than later. Making changes to your current diet will better position you to deal with the dietary and life changes that will come about in the aftermath of your surgery.


The essential of a post-bariatric surgery diet can be broken down as follows:

  • Learn and practice balanced eating habits that will help facilitate weight loss and maintain health
  • Maintain adequate intake of protein to help minimize lean body mass loss and improve healing processes
  • Consume adequate fluids for maintaining proper hydration
  • Take vitamins, minerals and other supplements to ensure adequate nutrition, despite reduced food intake

Immediately following surgery, you will be limited to a liquid only diet for the first two to three weeks. Solids will be reintroduced through soft foods for the next six to eight weeks. The transition back to regular foods will then take place over a six to nine month period.


Radically altering your eating habits like this takes discipline and dedication. Once bariatric surgery has been undergone, you can basically never go back to eating the way you did before. So while you should be congratulated for being committed enough to your health and wellbeing to want to undergo such a procedure, it’s important to dispel any illusions you may have going in.


For bariatric surgery to be successful, you need to be all in. You’ll need to work hard to compliment the work undertaken by your doctor. While this does indeed require discipline, self-control, and yes, hard work, the results will be that much sweeter because you will have worked for them yourself.


If you’d like to know more about bariatric surgery and the kind of lifestyle changes is necessitates and inspires, visit our main site at www.khalilicenter.com

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