popsicles berry-smoothie

We love these frozen yogurt popsicles made with fresh berries for the summer because they taste amazing and are so good for you too with their disease fighting ingredients! Great for the whole family!


For the purple:

1 cup blueberries
1/2 cup blackberries
6 oz fat free blueberry yogurt
1 cup crushed ice
For the white:
14 oz fat free vanilla yogurt
2 tbsp agave or sugar
1 cup crushed ice

For the pink:

3/4 cup raspberries
3/4 cup strawberries
6 oz fat free strawberry yogurt
1 cup crushed ice


*Blend each color smoothie separately in a blender and set aside.
*Pour the first color into the popsicle mold https://www.amazon.com/Prepworks-Progressive-Freezer-Pop-Maker/dp/B0000CF7H6?ie=UTF8&camp=213689&creative=392969&link_code=btl&tag=ginsweiwatrec-20
1/3rd of the way and freeze for 30 minutes. Remove from the freezer and insert the sticks, then freeze one hour.
Add the white yogurt into each popsicle mold 1/3 of the way and freeze an additional hour.
*Add the purple smoothie and fill it to the top of the mold and freeze until ready to eat.


Servings: 16, Size: 1 popsicle, about 1/2 cup
Calories: 51
Protein: 4.0 grams
Carb: 8.7 grams
Fat: 0.1 grams


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