Where Is The Control?

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Most of us use food for many other reasons not related to nutrition. This habit can be detrimental to your weight loss surgery journey and goals!

Where do you mindlessly give away your power? Think about the following statements below. The more you agree with the statements below the more of a mindless eater you tend to be.

Now is your chance to begin to think differently, mindfully!

I Tend to Eat Mindlessly When…

1. …I‘m angry.
2. …I‘m under pressure.
3. …I‘m dealing with family stress.
4. …I‘m in the presence of irresistible food.
5. …I‘m depressed.
6. …I‘m feeling rushed.
7. …I feel forced to eat around family.
8. …Food is available.
9. …I‘m lonely.
10. …I‘ve procrastinated.
11. …I eat the foods my family eats.
12. …There are many kinds of snacks around me.
13. …I‘m sad.
14. …I‘m fighting a deadline.
15. …my day-to-day schedule is hectic.
16. …chocolate is within 300 feet of me.
17….the t.v. is on.

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