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The Khalili Foundation was launched in 2010 by a group of committed physicians who saw the critical need for direct intervention in the lives of young people who are struggling with, or at-risk for, obesity. The Foundation’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyles through education and action, recognizing the need to proactively address the childhood obesity epidemic through early intervention. By working with local organizations to promote childhood obesity awareness and prevention – and connecting the at-risk population with much needed resources – The Foundation seeks to enable children and their families to make better and healthier choices in their everyday living. Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of obesity through knowledge and empowerment.



Join us for the LA Big 5K, Saturday, February 13th, 2016

The cost to register for the 5K run is $40.00 per person. To register with the Khalili Foundation, call us at 310-858-1242.

Don’t miss this chance to run for a great cause with the Khalili Team!